Consultancy of testamentary inheritance:

  • Consultancy on testament form and methods to make a legal testament;
  • Consultancy on testament content;
  • Consultancy on the rights and obligations related to the testament;
  • Consultancy on indentifying heirs and the persons deprived of the right to inherit;
  • Consultancy on deviding inheritance property for each heir;
  • Consultancy on deviding inheritance property for donation, worship;
  • Consultancy on amending, supplementing, revising or cancelling testament;

Consultancy on legal inheritance:

  • Consultancy on the case of legal inheritance;
  • Consultancy on identifying legal heir;
  • Consultancy on inheritance relationship between a adoptive child and adoptive father, adoptive mother and father, mother, inheritance relationship between illegitimate child and stepfather, stepmother;
  • Consultancy on inheritance in the case when the spouse share common property, divorce, marries to someone else.